window 7 pro 32bit act as file server (access connections limits)

Hi All Experts,

Good day to all. We using window 7 pro act as our office file server. and total have around 18 pcs (window xp, vista and window 7) connected to the file server share drive using map network drive. we keep getting the error connect and disconnected from the file server (kick out of the file server) so we always need to reboot the file server. Any workaround or method can solved my problem? Thanks a lot.

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No. M$ Desktop OS's that are a pro version or above have a limit of 10 connections at a time (for home versions it is 5). If you want to get more connections, get a server OS, a NAS, or install Linux on a PC to act as the file-server. As most linux distro's are free and OpenSource, and as most of them are also very straight forward to setup, that would be the cheapest and therefore recommended option. Next cheapest would be a simple NAS (most of those are also using a Linux or BSD based OS). More expensive would be an m$ Server OS.

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For the m$ server os,there is a good cheap way to get one,which is genuine also.If you are a registered company,try to register yourself on bizspark.You will receive a msdn suscription,and after the 3 yrs term if I am right,you will only have to pay 100$ or so.
Link :
After looking back at the faq,it seems that they won't charge you.There only are small criterias that you need to fill.It should be perfect for you.
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RunnexAuthor Commented:
Hi all, thanks. Mean that window 7 only can allow maximum of 10 concurrent connections? No other way or tweak to overcome this issues? Thanks.
No. That limit is by design and imposed by m$ so they can sell their server OS's. Any "Workaround" would be regarded as a copyright infringement.
RunnexAuthor Commented:
Ok. Thanks a lot.
Just FYI, if you are still accustomed to the Windows XP environment this is a rather common misconception.  The SMB connection limit on all versions of Windows 7 is actually twenty...

What would the limit of inbound SMB connections be for Windows 7?

Windows 7 - What Constitutes a Connection Under the 20 Connection Limit?
Sam Simon NasserIT Support ProfessionalCommented:
simple solution ,,, simple answer ,,, simple fix ::: INSTALL WINDOWS SERVER 2003 / 2008 ! :)
I mentionned an easy and effective way of getting it...:D
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That certainly seems equitable.  But folks, once again please remember that the SMB connection limit on all versions of Windows 7 is actually twenty, not ten (or even five).  Windows 7 was actually RTM about 2½ years ago, and there is still quite a bit of "legacy" information pertaining to Windows XP that is attributed to Windows 7 as well, and that simply isn't true.
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