HOW TO ADD 3 DISK TO SunFire V890 AND Configure to RAID 5

Hi team, am new and need to add 3 new disk to a sun fire v890 already in production. I have to creat a raid 5 with the new disks. Any proceedier on how to go about that. Very urgent and thank for the help.
Williams225System AdministatorAsked:
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Ernie GronblomConnect With a Mentor Cloud Systems EngineerCommented:
As I stated, you should make sure that you actually have 6 slots and not just 6 empty bays.  You need to look in the slots and make sure there is another 6 slot disk backplane installed by looking for connectors at the back of the slots (use a flashlight).  If not, you will need a disk backplane and perhaps another disk controller.

If you have a disk backplane for those slots that are connected to a controller, then the 'luxadm insert-device' command will allow you to install them with the system running.  Or you can shutdown the system and install them with the O/S down and boot it back up ('boot -r' if the controller has not been used before) to make the disks available to the O/S.

Please confirm that you have the disk connectors at the back of the slots.  Then we can look at the commands to set up the RAID5 in DiskSuite.
Ernie GronblomCloud Systems EngineerCommented:
First, make sure you have the correct types of drives (FC) and enough empty slots.  Also, be aware that the system may appear to have empty slots but there may not be a disk backplane behind six of them.  Because they are FC, you will need to either insert them with the system down or use the command 'luxadm insert-device' to add them, one at a time running the command before each insertion.

Now, you need to determine how you will RAID5 them.  Do you have DiskSuite or Veritas loaded?  You can tell by running the following commands and seeing what you get for errors:
vxdisk list

Another option is to add them as external disks, if you have an external enclosure with empty slots.  We really need to know more about your configuration, whether they will be internal disks, and what RAID software (or external RAID array) you have.
Williams225System AdministatorAuthor Commented:
Its an internal disk. I have 6 slots empty in the servor.the file system is UFS and there is a metastat out put on the old disk.the most imporant is to make the OS recognise the disks.
Williams225System AdministatorAuthor Commented:
i want the exact procedure to do it
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