open winzip file (.iso)

I have downloaded movie file from internet which file type is WinZip file (.iso) and it's size is 2GB.
what is this file and how can I open it?

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An iso file is basically a complete image of a CD or DVD disc. It tricks your computer into believing that you have just inserted either a CD or DVD.

In order to run it as intended you will need an application like one of the mentioned above. I have found that the simplest is a free one called Virtual Clone Drive from It takes a couple of minutes to install on either a server or desktop computer and once installed it just sits on your desktop tray. When you want to open an .iso file you just double click on it and you will notice that in "My Computer" a new CD/DVD drive has become available with whatever the contents of your .iso file.

It is great for making images of any CD/DVD's you use frecuently thus alllowing to always have them with you instead of having to carry the CD/DVD media with you. You can convert (or make iso's of your movies, installation disks, etc) any physical CD/DVD into an iso and use it as a fast and convenint way of storing digital images of all your software. If ever needed you can either choose to mount the iso directly or burn a CD/DVD.

Bits ....
Kruno DžoićSystem EngineerCommented:
you can use programs( to mount iso files , or program like Nero to burn on DVD
you can browse to a .iso file with winzip.
in VLC you can open a disc image.
Mediaplayer classic could also do this..

Probably windows mediaplayer can do it also.
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an ISO is an image file of a CD or DVD.
You can open them with various utils like ISOBUSTER
or almost any CD/DVD burner will take an ISO file and burn it to a disk.
As it is 2GB in size it is a DVD not a CD
salojAuthor Commented:
Hi Bits,

i tried with virtual-clonedrive. I could make virtual drive but i could not see any video which suppose to be video file.
The screenshot you published above those not contain a video file.

What you are looking at is the "Contents" of the CD/DVD just as if you were looking at a real CD/DVD.

Maybe, the video is contained in one of the folders...I don't know. What I do know is that you've installed the Virtual Clone drive successfully and you are looking at the contents of the iso.

Unfortunately it is not movie. Obviously it is fake file. CentOs is an operating system so there is no movie. There are many time wasters outthere.
Thank you Saloj... I misworded above when I wrote: "...It is great for making images of any CD/DVD's you use frecuently...". It should have read: "...It is great for VIEWING images of any CD/DVD's you use frecuently...".

For making ISO's there are many free and paid applications. I personally like UltraIso, nevertheless there are many out there that work just as good.

Thank you again.
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