Access Rhel 6 Samba share from Windows

I have RHEL 6 and I've installed Samba.

I want to access a share from the RHEL 6 box from Windows clients using a specific AD User ID.

I've installed Kerberos and tested that I can log onto the domain from the RHEl box, which isn't a member of the domain.
I've configured a very basic share in Samba;
#Tranfer Share for PROM and PIM
      comment = Prom Transfer
      path = /apps/transfer
      guest ok = yes
      public = yes
      writeable = Yes
What are my next steps to get an AD user access to this, in the simpliest way?

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mohansahuConnect With a Mentor Commented:

here I have attached step by step Configure samba server in RHEL, Plz find this .

Check if \\redhat host\transfer is accessible from the SMB command line

smbclient \\\\redhat host\transfer passwd
You should get something similar to a dos prompt. If you are then try from the windows box and see if you are able to access the shares

Check the logs if you see errors
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