Outlook 2003 client and Outlook 2007 client cannot sync OAB with Exchange 2010


my company migrate to Exchange 2010 from Exchange 2003 2 weeks ago, the Exchange 2010 is on a brand new server.  We were using moving mailbox method to transfer all mailbox from Exchange 2003 to Ex2010.

After migration, I found that all Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 who are using Cache Mode that is not able to sync with the OAB.  They can see the GAL but whenever I download the address book or click Send and Receive, I got the following error.


I did some research from internet and I tried those recommendation but no luck.

I have done all belows
- create a new OAB
- make sure all Outlook 2003 is using SP2 or later
- in Address Book Distribution in Ex2010, all client type are checked and supported.
- web service and public folder are enable in Ex2010
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KANEWONGAuthor Commented:

thanks for your response.  Finally, I knew why it is not working.  Because I have 4 mailbox database but only the first one has the OAB associated, once I linked the OAB to other 3 database, those users whose mailbox in one of these database is working.
When you created an offline address list, did you stop and start all exchange services, then rebuild the list?
KANEWONGAuthor Commented:
credit refund request, solved by myself.
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