Undeliverable messages to Distribution Lists not coming through.


My company uses a custom automated program to send promotional emails to our customers.  For some of them they go out with regular email addresses in the "from" field, and for others they go out with distribution list email addresses, so when the undeliverables return, a few staffers can share the responsibility of weeding them out.  

For some reason, the undeliverables do not go to the distribution list members, though, for the ones with the regular email addresses in the from field, they get them just fine.

We use Symantec.Cloud for our spam filtering, and they did a track and trace to confirm that the undeliverables did go through they're system and get forwarded to our exchange server, but does Exchange have a policy of deleting undeliverables for distribution list email addresses?

I am on Exchange 2003.  Thanks so much!

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Vishal BreedProgram ManagerCommented:
By default, DLs (distribution lists) are configured not to delivery reports. So you need to check DL properties - Exchange Advanced Tab.

Please refer screenshot below. Try testign this with 1 DL :)

If you have many groups and dounds tiring - you can use Admodify tool (MS Tool) to modify same properties for multiple objects (in this case DLs).

http://www.msexchange.org/articles/admodify-change-exchange-specific-ad-user-attributes.html DL Properties
Check the properties of the distribution list. See if it was created as Global instead of Universal...
gmsugareeAuthor Commented:
Hi All,

Thanks for the notes back.  I checked the properties of all of the distribution lists in question and they all are already set for "send delivery reports to message originator".... the problem here I guess is that the message originator is an automated SMTP program our programmers created... and the email address it is being sent from is the email address associated with the distribution list.

Also, All distribution lists are created as Universal, not Global.

Any other ideas?


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Could you change the FROM address to that of the distribution list, and set the: send reports to originator?
gmsugareeAuthor Commented:
"send reports to originator" is already the default for all of our DLs.  

The program that is sending the emails does use a from address of the DL.

So, if you manually send using Outlook...
TO: some bogus address like nooneishere@our.com
does it bounce back properly to the members?
gmsugareeAuthor Commented:
I don't know how to manually put a distribution list as a from address in Outlook, there is a way?  I am using Outlook 2007 and Exch 2003.
You have to add the FROM field to Outlook. Varies depending on version of Outlook. But open a new email, and look for the option in your menus.

I think you will need to be a member or have send-as rights under the security tab of the list.
gmsugareeAuthor Commented:
There is no security tab in the properties of the DL.  I was able to add the from field but for all test emails sent, I got an instant message back that said:

"            You do not have permission to send to this recipient.  For assistance, contact your system administrator.
The error actually means you don't have send-as permissions.

From AD Users and Computers... you have to select VIEW > Advanced. Then open the DL in AD Users and Computers. You will see the security TAB. It only shows in adv. view... Or maybe I'm thinking of the OBJECT tab. Not where I can see right now.

Add your account, and just give send-as rights.

Play around with sending in different ways to isolate what is happening.
But it does seem like if you are sending TO/FROM that same email address, and have it set to bounce to originator - it should be working. Unless there is something on your network that is eating the notifications? Not in Junk Email folders?

I'm hitting the road tomorrow. Happy Holidays.


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