Installing nVidia Optimus Switching Grafik on an Packard-Bell TS11HR

Hello i wanted to reinstall Windows 7 HP 64bit. Reinstalling works fine, but installing the Nvidia Driver fails because the drivers doesnt find the hardware. Also the new (detected) Driver from nvdia hp fails. In windows device manager there is a nvidia graficdevice!
has anyone a hint how to install the nvidia GT 520M?
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Try some of the methods described here:

You may need to look in the BIOS to find the exact video device you have, since it isn't matching up by default.
Rob KnightConsultantCommented:

Have you tried manually installing the drive and when prompted, selecting the GF 520?


iseekuAuthor Commented:
1. Download the latest nVidia drivers from the nVidia website.
2. Download the provided files.
3. Extract the nVidia install files (Run the executable).
4. Open the folder you extracted it to and open the Display.Driver folder.
5. Edit the Inf Files to match your SUBSYS.
6. Install and enjoy.
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