identify unknown usb device

Dell Lattitude  5520  windows 7
unknown device showing in device manager..  hardware ID shows USB/UNKNOWN.
system is not on a docking station..  there are no devices plugged into the laptop
pulled root hubs.. and rebooted.. no change.
reinstalled chipset.. rebooted.. no change
system is working normally except for a msg that there is a missing device.
virus / malware scan shows clear
how can I find out what that device is ?
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Go in to Device Manager.
Right click the Unknown device.
Select Properties
Select the Driver tab.
Select Driver Details.
You should see an industry description/code of the driver.
From here you can normally Google that information and perhaps include Dell Latitude 5520 in your search.
More times than not you can locate within the first few Google entries an idea of what the device is.
Then you can download that driver from the Dell website.
More times than not this usually attributed to Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver.

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Have you tried to unistall it and see if it detects it again?
Sometimes drivers have to be installed in a certain order otherwise you can get weird errors like this.
I agree with David-Howard. It can be a attributed to an unrelated driver such as the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver.
musicman85Author Commented:
Thank you guys.  I have seen strange errors on some systems due to improper install order but this system has not been reimaged. Problem just showed up about 2 weeks ago.   Remove the device and it comes back at reboot.  I can disable the device to get the error popup stopped but that is all.
I will look at the driver information again and see if there is any other information I can find but it was not displaying anything because the driver is missing. It just shows unknown device with usb/unknown as the device ID.   I will try installing the Rapid Storage Tech. driver and let you know what hapens.
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Sounds good. By the way, are there any errors in the error log? If an error log has been gernerated, it may point you in the right direction.
Please do. Also, (and usually with Lenovo's but may apply to Dell) drivers such as smart card readers, power managment, camera's, etc. may need to be loaded.
no usb wireless stick  connected?

from the specs :  Ports, Slots & Chassis
Network connector (RJ-45)
USB 2.0 (4) – 1 USB/eSATA combo
Stereo headphone/Microphone combo jack
Memory card reader, 54 mm ExpressCard, 1394
Docking Connector, VGA, HDMI
1 Full and 2 Half Mini Card Slots
Optional SmartCard Reader, PC Card

 so it should be one of these  can you identify some , so we know the one causing it?
Go to start>all programs> accessories>SystemTools>System Information>

Expand Components> and click on Problem Devices and see if there is a DEV ID and VEN ID there if not.

You can all ways go to and get this software it is free and when you run it it will show you the device and you can get a driver for it.
musicman85Author Commented:
Thank you all for your suggestions.
I rechecked the system today...  No docking station connected.  No usb devices connected.  Error log shows nothing that points to the problem.
Pulling the device and rebooting.. same unknown device came back.... the system works perfectly normal except for the unknown device.  
No driver was loaded for the device so no other information would show.

I uninstalled the device,  loaded the Rapid Storage Technology driver and rebooted.  Problem resolved.  Thank you  David-Howard.  You have saved me a LOT of time.  I am still trying to understand WHY it worked but it did.
musicman85Author Commented:
First time.. right on the mark.  Very quick solution
You're very welcome. I'm glad we could help. Sometimes the smaller drivers can cause the most headaches. Trust me, I've spent a lot of time on Dell's and Lenovo's trying to resolve some of those little "Unknown Device" issues. :-)
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