Do you need watchguard and antivirus

We have a watchguard firewall with antivirus, antispam and weblocker. Do we still need an antivirus program on each individual computer? Why?
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Even if Watchguard were perfect (and nothing is), how can you protect your systems from physically tranferred (USB sticks, CD/DVD's, email attachments, etc) malware?

This Article was written for the basic home users, but all elements apply to an Enterprise environment:

MALWARE - "An Ounce of Prevention..."
I would still have antivirus software installed on each client machine.  The watchguard firewall will not stop everything and having antivirus software will provide another layer of protection.  If spyware/virus/malware makes it past the watchguard everything behind the device will be at risk for being infected. Antivirus will not catch everything but it will help add protection and control outbreaks.  
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