Microsoft Exchhange - will changing the domain controller in Recipient Update Service interupt Exchange services?


I have decomissioning a domain controller.  All FSMO roles have been moved off the system.  Our Exchange server is still pointed to the old server in Recipient Update Service.  I have only one production Exchange server and need to make sure that changing the DC that Recipient Update Service is pointed to will NOT interupt service for Exchange users.

Thank you!
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Madan SharmaConsultantCommented:
I believe its all depends on the change of DC if your Recipient Update service pointed to the new DC successfully then there should be not down time for your exchange else you have to face downtime in your exchange. So Will advise you please do the process in weekend.
Check this link how to achieve this:-

Another option:-
Open Adsiedit.msc

Go to Configuration - Services - Microsoft Exchange - Organization - Address List Container - Recipient Update Service (Enterprise) - properties - attribute - msExchServer1NetworkAddress - type the FQDN of your new DC.

Apply - OK.
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