Filemaker searching mapped drives?

I am creating a solution that needs to be able to search mapped drives from filemaker on many different systems that all have the same mapped network drive. Via webviewer is acceptable, but I would like to created filemaker references to the mapped files location via container field.

Everyone is using Windows XP and Filemaker 11.04.
Needs to be able to work in windows 7 also.
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Try creating a table "SystemFilePaths" that contains records of each path you need. Now you can add, edit and delete file paths easily.

Then in Manage -> External Data Sources, Create a new data source and set the filename to a variable $$fullPath.

Write a script that will set the variable $$fullPath to the appropriate value from SystemFilePaths.

This allows you to dynamically set your import, export, or any path for that matter.
ErootsAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the ideas on the file paths. I will have to do that once I can run the searches.

Looking to get the search feature working from FileMaker to a mapped drive from many computers with the same mapped drive. If anyone has ideas on that part please.
What specifically are you trying to search for?

The path method I outlined can be used / modified to search anywhere on just about any network.

Are you wanting filemaker to be able to search through all files in a directory for a specific text string or something? Are you searching for a specific filename?

I need some more information I think. I thought you just wanted to set directories to search in for particular file names, or set the import/export paths.
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ErootsAuthor Commented:
I do need to search the text of the documents. That is the harder part. Just searching file names, your solution would work great.

The searches are going to be small, two or three words. All files on a mapped drive will need to be searched. I have been looking into ways to index and search drives, but i have not come up with anything i can use via web viewer or other way in filemaker.
What format are the files in?

Don't forget that filemaker can use the command line.

You can use the command line FIND to search files in a given directory. You just have to write the results out to a file that you import silently back into filemaker.

This will only work on files that can be searched from the command line.
ErootsAuthor Commented:
I do thank you for your input.

The files will be in any format, but mostly PDF, txt, Word and Excel.

I have installed and set up the drag and drop feature of the Troi plugin and that works great for file management.

Searching is the big issue left. Through command line and the Troi plugin I am able to search file names. I need to be able to search file content also. I understand not all files will have this capability, but at least word, excel and txt documents content . With the drag and drop feature using something like windows search will work, but I would like to keep them in our solution.

Any ideas of how to pull in the windows search results to a file or web portal? Any other plugins to look into?
ErootsAuthor Commented:
I ended up using the Troi file manager plugin with windows search. Still found no way to search within files.

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ErootsAuthor Commented:
I'm moving on in the project
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