trying to traverse / obtain NTFS share properties ( Total Size / Available Space, etc. )

may be DriveInfo can help, not sure ...
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CodeCruiserConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Its because they are fast. But Explorer is counting the files and summing up file sizes behind the scenes. Reason being that folders only exist in file table and not on disk.
AlexF777Author Commented:
in explorer it gives me Total capacity and remaining space immediately, without counting individual files
may be there is a better way
If you check the size of a real large folder with a lot of files, you will see the explorer counting the files and calculating size. How do you know it does not count files?
AlexF777Author Commented:
these are not regular folders, these shares are specifically designed to have a very
fast access, they are called LUNs, and when i right click on them, properties file size comes
in instantly
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