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time zones and fast travel times

Louisville, KY, United States       12/15/2011       9:54 P.M.       Arrival Scan
Anchorage, AK, United States       12/15/2011       12:30 P.M.       Departure Scan
                        12/15/2011       9:28 A.M.       Arrival Scan
Narita, Japan                   12/15/2011       8:40 P.M.       Departure Scan
                        12/15/2011       7:04 P.M.       Arrival Scan
Shanghai, China             12/15/2011       3:40 P.M.       Departure Scan

Even with timezones, how is it possible that going from China to USA happens in 6+ hours?
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Quirks of flying with earth's rotation. It'll be a longer trip back in the opposite direction
The times given in the history report are all local. The package is flying against the earth's rotation but it's passage through the international dateline at 180 degrees East or West (with local deviations) causes a 24hr jump in the "local" time.  The packages starts at 1540h local in China, whose timezone is +8hr, passes through the international dateline and ends up at 2154h local in Loisville, which is in the -5hr time zone. If you were to look at the arrival and departure times from the point of view of an observer at a fixed time zone e.g. GMT or UTC (often suffixed by "Z" or zulu), then the package departure time from China would be 0740z on the 15th December. It's arrival time in Loisville would be 0254z on the 16th December, but, with the US being 5 hours behind UTC, the *local* arrival date would still be the 15th. That gives a total time between initial departure and final arrival scans of 19h14m.
Sorry, with the earth's rotation!
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??? You say "going from china to usa" then you list itenerary from Kentucky TO China.  Boy , are you going to be double screwed when you reverse your trip back home when you're going from usa to China.  How long is that trip a gonna take ???
^ the tracking is in reverse order: from arrival to departure

Between Japan and Alaska note the package travels backward in time

8:40pm  dep  -->  9:28am  arr

It didn't travel via wormhole.  It crossed the international dateline in the middle of the Pacific, where it jumped backward one day.

The scans are logged as local time.

The time difference is +13 hours.
So, when you leave Kentucky when it is 1:00 am (an hour after midnight), it is 2:00 pm in Shanghai (same calendar day)

The actual flight time, with all the layovers, is 13 hours greater than the 6+ hours, you see on the shedules.
So, it actually takes 19+ hours to get there.

Louisville, KY, United States       12/15/2011       9:54 P.M.       Arrival Scan
Anchorage, AK, United States       12/15/2011       12:30 P.M.       Departure Scan

Is the 9:54pm, the time you'd leave Louisville?
If it is, it is impossible to fly to Alaska and get off the plane and get on another plane and leave for Japan at 12:30pm
And I assume you mean 12:30 AM (??)

That is only 2.5 hours. Alaska is 3 times zones to the west = 3 hours, so the trip to Alaska is actually 3 + 2.5 = 5.5 hours.
25112Author Commented:
fascinating ...!
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