String or binary data would be truncated

insert into correlated_events(ce_id,ce_status) values('CE003998','Initiated')

I get String or binary data would be truncated

ce_id is varchar(50) and ce_status is varchar(50)

ce_id is the primary key
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cfsatxAuthor Commented:
Same query works fine my test database and not in production database. Any help ?
cfsatxAuthor Commented:
I get the same message even in the SQL query analyzer
I would suspect that either your production database has a different size or there is a trigger firing onto another table or a default value populating.

Try putting this into SQL analyzer...

insert into correlated_events(ce_id,ce_status) values('a','x')

if that works try this..

insert into correlated_events(ce_id,ce_status) values('CE003998','x')


insert into correlated_events(ce_id,ce_status) values('x','Initiated')

in order to figure out which field is the problem, if either of them

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> I would suspect that either your production database has a different size

Yep. You can compare the sizes reported by metadata views

WHERE  TABLE_NAME = 'correlated_events'
cfsatxAuthor Commented:
The issue was related to a constraint having a default value of "N instead of 'N' .

Got resolved once we made it to 'N'
cfsatxAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 0 points for cfsatx's comment http:/Q_27505100.html#37323206

for the following reason:

Watch out for proper default values in fields
My comment 37322815 suggested checking default values.    You can accept your answer as part of the solution, but I believe you should also give me credit for the answer
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