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 Is it possible to create report ( i mean  letters ) in dynamic CRM and run it automatically based on the required frequency( daily two times etc..).

Here is the sample letter.  I want to do this in dynamic CRM.  Letter should be placed on "network shared folder"  so that it will be picked up for printing.


                                      [logo goes here]

123 Any St.
AnyCity, CA 93410

[today's date]

Dear [name from database],

Some boidfgdfgfglerplate text goes here. Your Account [account number from database] is past due.


                                                                                               [scanned signature goes here]


Is it possible to achieve this using  "Dynamic CRM mail merge feature". i am using Dynamic crm 4.0.

i know in SSRS there is  subscription feature 'file share delivery' option. But how to achieve this in Dynamic CRM. Also for some type of letters i should  generate as "pdf"  and some as ".word" and place them on network shared folder for printing.

Please let me know.



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Eugene ZCommented:
CRM  file share  could be the part of the author request --> ram27 please clearify if it is ..


the part 2  (you can see how this can be done )

Creating Report Subscriptions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4
How to Create a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 Report Subscription in less than 15 minutes
Eugene ZCommented:
please check

Create a simple file share in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
Chinmay PatelEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
@EugeneZ : Author is asking for something elsse.

Hi ram27,

No it is not possible to achieve using Mail merge. However you could write a console/WinForms app or a Windows service to achieve the same.

Chinmay PatelEnterprise ArchitectCommented:

The article that you have mentioned regarding the file share is a record specific option i.e. it displays file share within a record and is not related to reporting.

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