Does anyone offer installation and configuration services for F5 equipment as a 3rd party?

Looking for someone who can help with installation and configuration of F5 systems.
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Rob KnightConsultantCommented:

I would have thought one of their Gold Unity partners would do it? - I believe you have to contact them for CONUS?


NoviaNetAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rob,

My understanding is F5 will only allow them to do it if the units are under a current support contract.

This requirement is for existing units, not under support. But needing some configuration work.

"My understanding is F5 will only allow them to do it if the units are under a current support contract."

Really ?

that makes no sense to me, i could only understand F5 not giving you support if the boxes are not under contract...

They are your boxes, and you decide who does what to them.
And regardless of who makes changes, if the boxes are under support, F5 will support in case you run into problems with the devices.  but they are not under support, so why would F5 care who does changes ?

Kind regards,

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I agree with mindwise, I think they will do the config work no matter what the status is on the support contract.

However, if something goes wrong, your out of luck.

Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
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NoviaNetAuthor Commented:
F5 will not provide support on units that are not under contract to parties that are not the original owner. If you're the original purchaser (from F5) they will do it on a billable per call basis.

We have found some third parties that offer installation and configuration support on F5 though.

Thank you.
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