what do I need To Setup a new cisco ip phone system between 2 different site the buget way?

I have two sites linked by Linksys broadband modem with VPN function, recently I am adding a ip phone system to my office so i could call the other office without using the analog phone. I already bought 2 sets of ip phone cp-6941, what hardware or software do I need to get to get these two phone to talk to each other?
and I would want to save money as i can.  both office wont have  over 5 ip phones, so dont need lots of licence.
my modem is linksys AG300
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Budget way is to use asterisk. A Free VoIP PBX software package. The Ciso phones (SIP based) are supported.

There are many ready to roll distributions.


AsteriskNow (Semi defacto standard) http://www.asterisk.org/asterisknow

Other popular ones

CLWUAuthor Commented:
Thank you for reply, it seems that they doesnt support windows. all my office software are running windows, it is impossible to change to other operating system.
And I heard that its possible for ip phone to call out to the analog line, is it possible?
You can use Asterisk on Windows
You also need a hardware card for the windows machine that can connect to the analog phone line to route calls in/out of (FXO boards as referenced in the link)
You cannot simply buy the phones and plug them into the network and expect them to work. You must have a call control server and a gateway device that can do the IP to analog conversion.
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The Windows version works just as well, but setup is a little more complex as the linux varieties come with a more advanced/mature web interface.

In my experience, HW support isn't relaible in the windows version and many of the features don't work well. If you need to make calls, then look at a VOIP provider offering (SIP & IAX & H323).

Alternatively you can use a Virtual machine (VMWare) to host the linux version under windows. There's many ready to roll Asterisk VM's you can DL.
CLWUAuthor Commented:
reliable is a must for me, keeps me away from fixing problems , i will try the vmware with linux( I am not a linux guy, dont know if this will work, ).
on the other hand to finish this question. if I want to go with cisco hardware and software( from my past experience, its more reliable), what would I need ? could you give me a models and i could try to find if I can get in New Zealand.

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