WshShell.exec error running vbs script

Running a vbs script on a newly installed Windows 2008 R2 server. The script is running some command to create dfs and user folders. It works on the previous server but i can't figure out what i did to get it to work. I'm not a programmer; I just tweaked the script for my use. Thanks
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Add following at line 415

Set WshShell = wscript.createobject("")
cs2009Author Commented:
No joy.

This is the command I'm using to run the script from a batch file.

cscript Staff.vbs d:\staff\samuels /dfs:Y /server:35crhs-data
can you post the entire script?
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Above line 416, which is this:
Set oExec = WSHShell.Exec(sCommand)

add this:
WScript.Echo "Executing " & sCommand

and then you'll see what sCommand is trying to run, and we should be able to find out what it is you don't have.

cs2009Author Commented:
If the script is similar to this:

then it looks like the Execute_Capture function runs either DFSUtil, iCacls, or dirquota.

Make sure you have each of these on your server.



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cs2009Author Commented:
dirquota was the culprit. thank you very much
cs2009Author Commented:
Thank you.
No problem. Thanks for the grade.

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