How to programmatically create an RSA key pair and store in an X509Store

Hello all,
I have been reading documentation and googling for information regarding this question, but I am unable to find the solution.

In C# (.NET v 3.5 or higher) I want to generate an RSA public/private key pair and export it directly into a user X509Store.  Initially I expect that I will create a self-signed certificate for the public key (for import into the key store).  Subsequently to that I will create a certificate request and send it to a CA for signature and then replace the self signed cert in the keystone with the signed cert-chain from the CA.

But so far I cannot find information on how to get a key pair into the keystone.

Thanks for any help.
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anarki_jimbelSenior DeveloperCommented:

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edcAuthor Commented:
Hi anarki_jimbel,
Thanks very much for your post.  The article gives details about key pair generation and does demonstrate adding a pub/priv key via cert into the MS key store.  Unfortunately the author is quite confused about PKI and is - more or less - writing two different pieces of code in the function - neither one of which work.

Do you have any other resources up your sleeve?

Thanks again.
edcAuthor Commented:
Thanks anarki_jimbel.  The link you provided allowed me to do research to get to the answer I was looking for.
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