'User Information List' problem in SharePoint 2007


I have a weird problem in my SharePoint 2007 environment on Intranet. There is a user added to a site collection who when logs in to the site slows down the intranet very much. Upon investigating it was found out that there is SQL Query runs every time the user logs in which blocks other processes. I then found out that the SQL query was pointing out to a hidden list on site collection called 'User Information List'. When I navigated to the list using SharePoint Manager I found out that for this user, there are multiple items created in the list with exactly the same name although the ID was different. All the other users have only one item each. I then open the same list on my site http://mysite/_catalogs/users/simple.aspx and this doesn't show any item for this user at all.

Can anyone please tell me if this is the problem i.e. having multiple items for the same user in the list and if this is how to sort this our. I can't even delete the items from SharePoint Manager.


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When you use SharePoint wihtout User Profiles, it pulls the user data from Active directory when a user access for first time and it stores the user's details in the content database. This is the bit that is taking it's time in your case. From next time, it checks the content database for the user info and if it finds it displays the data from the content database.

It looks like your user isn't recognised as an already registered user. You are right that you can't delete the user from the interface.

Do you know where the original user is coming from? Was this a deleted and recreated user or soemtihng like that? You might only be able to acess the list through the object model (=code). Even then deleting it might give you more trouble.
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shieldguyAuthor Commented:
This is not actually a new user.

Also not logging in by this user blocks the intranet completely and my SQL Server DBA has to kill the process from SQL server console i.e. stopping the query to run.
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Sushanta SahuPrincipal Specialist, Information ManagementCommented:
Are you using MOSS 2007 or WSS 3.0?

MOSS 2007 holds profile information on User profiles, where as in WSS 3.0, it's been stored in user information list which is actually stored in the content databses.

If you let me know the version you use, we can work further.
shieldguyAuthor Commented:
I am using MOSS 2007. However, I can still see the 'User information lis'
Sushanta SahuPrincipal Specialist, Information ManagementCommented:
First try to detach the content databases and then attach it back, Make sure the content databases are online and NOT in off line mode.

If this does not work, you need to forcefully run the timer job.... which is called something like profile sync job. You need to use STSADM command to run the timer job manually. That should resolve

Let me know how it goes.
shieldguyAuthor Commented:
Hi sushantanana

Thanks for your reply. I haven't tried any of your suggested solutions as I had already gone for one of the other solutions before I got yours. What I did was, I deleted the user from the site collection and also deleted his profile from SSP. I then ran the crawl which brought the user profile back into SharePoint. I added the user in site collection permission. This fixed the problem.

If this happens again I will be trying your solutions.
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