Importing a delimited text file in SQL Server 2008

I have been supplied a 200 MB text file in segemnts which I need to load at Sql server using some utility. I have done it years earlier using BCP at SQL 2000 and not sure if I need to use SSIS here?

I don't have much exposure to SSIS or data loading so could someone point me to a very good written example? Is there anything simpler which could be used?

The Char fields may have " to show them they are char and not numbers.  
I may also have to omit some column values in file may not required in target MSSQL table.
Is it possible to split data columns into normalised tables? I mean read one text file and load data at 3 different tables?

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crazywolf2010Author Commented:
Great link

Some queries
1. How do you save this package once tested & deploy at other servers.
2. How can I schedule it to run overnight automatically
2. I can see it can map one table with text file and is it possible to map multiple tables & load them in single run?

David ToddSenior DBACommented:

1. Once you create the package in BIDS, there should be a mainifest file that you can use to deploy the package.

2. Use SQL Agent and schedule an SSIS job

3. Sort of - Probably use different dataflows to do that, but maybe not a "single run", but definitely within one SSIS package

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