Typing 'www.domain.com' and 'domain.com' takes me to different sites

We just updated a site to php from asp.  It has propagated where I can see the new site on a new webserver.

The problem is that typing 'www.domain.com' takes me to the new/upgraded site on our new webserver.
If I type 'domain.com' it points to the old site.

Is this a quirk with propagation continuing, or is this an issue with a setting/entry not being set right to send the user to the right domain when typing 'domain.com'?
Or something else?  Happens in IE & Firefox.

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Hi there,

are you still experincing this problem?  Usually they should lead to the same website, if the problem is not due to chaching issues, then it might be due to some webserver settings, I had  a similiar issue with redirection settings.

TSFLLCAuthor Commented:
We just changed DNS yesterday.  It actually propagated where I was able to access the site last night...although I didn't realize it until this morning.  I had to empty my cache in Firefox to get it to pull up properly when I typed www.website.com.  That works fine now.

As for this problem...I am not a web developer.  Strictly windows development.  I'm of the belief that it's a webserver setting.  My problem is I'm not technically proficient in the different areas of design/implementation with the webserver and/or website to know what would cause this to happen.  But I'm tracking in the same direction you are H_D_A.

I've emailed my developer.  Waiting on a response.
Try to ping that site with "www" and then ping again without "www". You should see the same IP address. Maybe DNS record changes have not completely propagated.

You can also try to check your website from outside of your network - with freeproxyserver.net tool.
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Are the sites hosted internally or externally?  Was the DNS you changed internal or external?

I know with most Domain Name Providers you have the option to provide IP address for @ and seperately for www

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Add A Host of CNAME to your server settings
TSFLLCAuthor Commented:
Hosted externally.  And the @ setting/entry was not added initially.  Thanks!
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