Camera this Vivitar camera a good deal?

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I purchased this 16 megapixel, 5x optical zoom Vivitar camera from Home Shop for $100. Can you tell me if I got a good deal, or if another camera has more features for the same money?

HSN already took the specs down because they sold out, but here is the YouTube link:
Thanks in advance.
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Vivitar is good,
it's making pro lenses for reflex cameras since tens of years...

It's been the default choice of the film-photo pros  for a while when they don't want to spend too much for an original lens.

I never heard about a digital cam, but i think it should be good.

About the price, i don't really know prices in your country, but $100 is not so much for a 16MP camera with optical zoom, imho.



Thank you for your help!

glad to be of help

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