style.setattribute and CSS capitalize

Hi - I'm trying to use"text-transform", 'capitalize');
and for whatever reason IE isn't liking it.  Is my syntax incorrect?

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Can you use "'capitalize' instead?
function changeCase(caseType){
	var el = document.getElementById('test');
	if (caseType =='capitalize'){'capitalize';

	if (caseType =='uppercase'){'uppercase';

	if (caseType =='lowercase'){'lowercase';
	return false;
<div id="test">This is a test message</div><br/>
<a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="javascript:changeCase('capitalize');return false">capitalize</a></br>
<a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="javascript:changeCase('uppercase');">uppercase</a></br>
<a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="javascript:changeCase('lowercase');">lowercase</a></br>

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zack4x4Author Commented:
I'm dynamically adding inputs into a form I don't think that will work in this case.
this cannot possible work:"text-transform", 'capitalize');

style does not have a setAttribute method.

You can try:

inputE1.setattribute("style" "text-transform:capitalize",0);

The zero on the end is necessary to turn off IE case-sensitivity.

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Ooops a spelling mistake

setAttribute is the correct camel case spelling.

zack4x4Author Commented:
that didn't work. I tried with Firefox and IE
Sorry it took me awhile to get back to this.  CD& is correct on how you do it for elements that you are adding that are not yet in the DOM.  

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Some thoughts on the cross-browser issues...

Testing locally,
It works for FF9, Chrome 16, and Safari 5.1.2
With IE8, it works with both IE8 compatibility and IE8 standards.  It does not work with IE7 or Quirks Mode.

Have you tried creating a style such as  ".initCaps {text-transform:capitalize} and adding it as a second class to the item?

Alternatively, have you tried adding the item you are creating to your DOM then running the code I posted?
Good idea nap.  When I do dynamic generation, I normally like it in the document object first.  Then modifying styles has very few cross-browser issues.  With forms you have to be careful anyway because it is easy to break them.


What version if IE are you testing with?  IE8 and 9 should both be able to handle it.  Anything older is probably irrelevant anyway.  

zack4x4Author Commented:
IE9.  For some reason when I click the add button to activate it nothing happens.  I don't get a javscript error either.  When I remove the line it starts working again...
Is the element being created correctly?  I should be something like:

inputE1.setAttribute("type", "text");

If nothing is working maybe we need to see more of the script.

Just as an FYI - here is the code I tested with:
	var firstName = document.createElement("input");

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That should work, if nothing else is broken.

zack4x4Author Commented:
Thanks guys!  I split the points between you to.
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