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OK, they need to have a zone on here called "translate boss request into IT solution" Anyway, I'm a SQL Developer and my boss asked me today if there is a way to use SSRS to translate a column in SQL(barcode info) into a real barcode on the report.. Apparently Crystal can do this but it appears SSRS requires some sort of software that provides that function. What I learned today was it some numbers that requires some sort of function to turn it into a valid barcode.. I know very little about this stuff..
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Jason Yousef, MSSr. BI  DeveloperCommented:
FYI - Crystal also requires extra formulas and functions to do the conversion.  They generally are included with the barcode font library

You could use a CRI that generates an image, it is much easier than using some kind of Barcode Function.
From my opinion the use of barcode fonds wil do the trick. Restart de ssrs service to refresh the available fonds.

off topic: In the past we used a lot of kyocera printers with special fonds in production environments, this worked perfectly in the dos/novell days.
for SQL Sever 2008 you have to upgrade to use a special bar code software.
tncode ....has the link to the software that I have used in the past.
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