Exchange Server 2010 purged account data

here is something strange. We migrated 14 gigabytes of email data into an Exchange account. The data was there last night and no one has touched the account since. Today, the migrated email data is gone. I am trying to figure out what happened and am wondering if Exchange will automatically purge email data if it exceeds a quota. What could cause Exchange server to remove all data that was just migrated?
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Exchange don't remove any data if Storage Quota is exceeded, it only block e-mail flow to and from this mailbox. Data can be deleted from mailbox, if on this mailbox or it's folders applied retention policy. Check policy applied to this mailbox. Also check any logs in specified time range.
Certainly sounds like a retention policy.  Have you checked to see if your retention policy allows you to recover deleted items?  You could try to recover deleted items or single item recovery if you have it enabled.
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