How to fix address conflict in a gateway to gateway VPN using Cisco RV082

We are a very small office.  We are trying to establish a gateway to gateway VPN tunnel with another location.  The PC on our end we need to connect to them has the internal IP address of  The remote location we are connecting to already has another connection with this subnet.
We cannot just change our LAN subnet because our PC receives information from a medical device and the address of the PC cannot be easily changed in the medical device.  
We have a CISCO RV082 VPN router.   Are there any solutions (other than getting a new VPN router) that will allow me to change/NAT the local IP of the PC to another subnet so the remote VPN sees the PC address as something other than  
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It is recommended to have different ip subnets at each end of the tunnel, but since you cant the only solution would be to set up a 1:1 nat on servers & NAT overload(PAT) on for clients.

what would happen is if client on site A need to access a server on site B , you would need to create a dns entry pointing to a another ip addres eg which is routed on your intercompany vpn router and converts it to clients have thier ip address hiden behind  a PAT onlyour router. the solution works ok, but its not the best.

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trwoodhullAuthor Commented:
I was given a solution by a techie friend.  I am going to add another NIC card to the PC and run two different private IP's on the PC.  Thanks!
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