Is there a way to track solitaire usage on XP?

I have been tasked with checking the amount of time an employee is spending daily using solitiare.  What are my options?  The solution for now was to talk to the employee and give a warning that it is only for break time.  I am supposed to then check some type of log for daily usage for the next while.  

Sean MeyerIT DirectorAsked:
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I don't think there is anything built into Windows that will log this, but you could probably make a batch file or a small app to check periodically for the executable running, and then log the result.
An extension to athomsfere's suggestion: you could try using timethis.exe from the 2k resource kit in a script --
The previous suggestions will tell you how long a given executable is open, but just because it's open doesn't mean it's in use (especially in this age of multitasking).

What you need is a usage monitor to see the when and for how long a given application is being actively used. There's several tools for this, such as the free RescueTime Lite:

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Why not give employee stack of cards and remove software from pc ?
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
know of userassist shows the total execution count of the application and has last execution date and time. See

There is an software that be useful

You may also want to see related discussion in EE
Uninstall solitaire from that workstation then substitute it with this bogus replacement:
Create a new shortcut to it in the usual Start Menu folder and the shortcut will take on the familiar icon.
When run it will display this dialog:
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Great way BillDL. Also just a note that user should not be given admin or similar privilge rights. This MS discusiion has gpo to restrict but if you just want total out of the playing game, just remove it just as BillDL advised.

But there is also online games as well which probably needed some proxy and content filter assuming they are accessing through enterprise machine and networks. Bluecoat k9 has some filter capability.
Sean MeyerIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Exactly the type of software I wanted to find.

Thank You!
The RescueTime software is actually pretty nifty.  I just prefer the "subliminal message" approach which I achieved by just hacking sol.exe and cards.dll ;-)
 .... keep them constantly reminded
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