Need PCIe G2 FAX card for Server 2008 on a Dell PowerEdge T610

I have a Dell Power Edge T610 that has only PCIe G2 expansion slots. It is running SBS 2008.

I need to find a compatible PCIe G2 FAX Modem card. Dell has not tested any FAX expansion cards with this server and offers no help at all.

Anyone know of a compatible FAX card for any of the slots on this server:

Dell PE T610:
5 PCIe G2 slots + 1 storage slot:
Two x8 slots
Three x4 slots
One x4 Storage slot

Standard PCIe cards do not fit.

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Your going to really struggle to find a card that will not cause issues. Your best approach if you need to be able to fax from the server is to use a USRobotics USB Fax Modem. I have used these in the past and have had little to no issues.

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mojopojoAuthor Commented:
DO you happen to know if it is compatible with SBS 2008's FAX service and SharePoint integration?

I was looking at the USB options.
mojopojoAuthor Commented:
And mainly this is for incoming FAXes. sending would be a plus, but receiving all incoming FAX transmissions through Outlook 2010 over SharePoint/Exchange 2007 is the mandate.

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Obi WanFixerUpperCommented:
Yeah a USR USB fax modem will be sufficient, just run the wizards in SBS console once its installed

yes, run the wizard and you should be good to go
mojopojoAuthor Commented:
I'm putting in the order today. I'll post once it's delivered and on stalle.

I have been using a Zoom PCI Express V. 92/ V. 90 56 K Fax Modem for almost 2 years. Its been completely trouble free. I had a USB fax modem initially but had loads of problems.

I really wanted an internal one and at the time, Zoom were the only manufacturer. I am using it with Win 2008 64 Bit standard server which is also set up as a DC. No choice as we had nowhere else to put the fax but its working perfectly. In 2 years, I have had to restart the fax service twice. Probably more a windows fax server thing than a modem issue.

I bought mine from Amazon.

mojopojoAuthor Commented:
Is the bus on that card PCIe G2? It is a completely different slot than PCIe.

I also had horrible trouble with a Zoom PCIe card on a Dell PE T310 with SBS 2008. It never worked properly and their support folks were no help. I swapped it out for a US Robotics PCIe FAX modem card that works beautifully.

Not to come down on Zoom. This is just my experience. Thanks for posting yours.
I can't recall offhand. I think it is just a standard PCIe.
Mainpine do PCIe analogue fax cards

Dialogic also do analogue and ISDN cards
mojopojoAuthor Commented:
Looks like the USB FAX may be my only solution.

Jamietiner, the T610 does not have an open PCIe slot. They are all G2 slots and completely different. I am positive of this, having already opened up that box withe the PCIe card from the T310 in hand.

The order is in. Suspect holiday delivery slowed things but I'll post back to confirm when we install it.

Generation 2 pci-e slots are backwards compatible with pc-ie 1 and 1.1 devices and they are also forwards compatible which means they will even work with pci-e 3.0 devices when they are released. Also1x pci-e cards will work in 4x, 8x and 16x slots not just 1x. So as I said the cards I suggested will work just fine in any of the 4x or 8x slots. The T310 also uses pci-e 2.0 it just happened to have 2 1x slots where the t610 doesn't. If all 6 pci-e slots are being used then usb is the only option. But again a 1x pcie modem will work in any of the pci-e 2.0 slots on the motherboard.
mojopojoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the detail. We went with the Serial FAX and it is exactly what we should have done in the beginning. Thanks everyone/
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