The sent items sent from the shared mailbox go to the sent items folder in the user's mailbox

I have a problem:
 The sent items sent from the shared mailbox go to the sent items folder in the user's mailbox when user sends on behalf of that mailbox.

 The sent items sent from the shared mailbox absolutely NEED to go to the sent items folders in the sent items of that mailbox FOR COMPLIANCE REASONS.

Can someone advice on the fix that can be implemented for over 500 users. Thanks

We already found a registry fix to resolve this issue for "Send AS" permissions. But, I need to know if there is a resolution if the user is sending on behalf of the mailbox. THank you

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IM guessing you are using Outlook 2007 or less

This happens because Outlook 2007 or less only allows for one exchange account.
You can have access to multiple ones but the sending of the actual email is defaulted to go through the default mail account

How many users are using this shared mailbox?
If not too many

The easiest and quickest way without alot of messing about...

Upgrade the users to Office 2010

Outlook 2010 Allows for Multiple Exchange Accounts with Full Fedelity
What this means is a user can have their Mailbox Loaded
the Shared Mailbox loaded
and send emails from each individual Mailbox in the smae profile
The result would be the sent items go into their corresponding sent items

"This is the case whether you are sending from a Generic account or perhaps you share a colleagues’ mailbox and send emails on their behalf. This is the way Outlook was designed by Microsoft so that it is clear who sent which emails. If you would like to keep the correct Sent Items in the correct mailbox you need to drag and drop the Sent Item back in the correct folder after you have sent the email."

They have got a suggestion where you Filter - or maybe you could set up a Rule - or maybe set up two profiles?

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