Sonicwall-Lock RDP port for acces by a specific WAN IP

We have a terminal server that runs our business applications.  It is owned and managed by the vendor.  They require that the RPD port (Terminal Services - 3389), be locked down to allow only thier site to rdp to the terminal server.
I think I am pretty clear on setting up the NAT and Access Rules for this.  My question is about the Address Object.
I believe I should setup an address object for the vendor's IP.  The gave me an address of (this address is for demo).
When setting an Address Oblect, the choices of Type are Host, Range, Network, MAC, FQDN.  I assume the type I need is Host or Range.
My question is: Can I enter "" as the IP Type?  How do I deal with this type of address object?

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beyondtAuthor Commented:
I resolved my own question.  The vendor informed me of the specific subnet mask (  I then created the Address Object and specified "Networ" as the Type.  Then I entered the IP address and the Subnet Mask.  All worked fine.

Thanks for the reply.
amatson78Sr. Security EngineerCommented:
If it is a single ip then use type host. Then for the firewall access rule it would be:

Source: Address object for vendor
Destination: WAN IP object
Service: Terminal Services

This will only allow incoming connections from that one source ip.
beyondtAuthor Commented:
I resolved the issue.
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