global loss of file association of ms office (at least) in windows 7 ? post win7 antispyware con?

Just had a nasty fright!
1. PC was sleeping, was roused, I clicked the link to MS Word (or Powerpoint etc) and got warning box: 'application not found'. Also when I looked in Window explorer, all my folders seemed empty of MS Office files.
1b: games and media player also failed to work, suggesting a global fault, not one limited to MS Office?
1c: something called Win7 AntiSpyWare started sending strident warnings abour virus infections ++.

2. Did a full anti-virus scan with McAfee - got 2 'minor' hits that were resolved automatically. Restarted pc.
3. Defect did not go away.
4. Started in safe mode - defect remained uncured.
5. Created new user name on same pc, so that second start button appeared on desktop.
6. When I opened the new user a/c Word opened ok; worked ok; and I could open existing word files. Conclude: problem avoided.

I conclude that I originally never 'lost' any files, but that they became unassociated with their respective application.

Question: how do I diagnose the fault in the original user account, and rectify it?
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I'm not sure what you would deem to be "minor" finds by your antivirus client, but without any further details it sounds like the malware may have changed your file associations, amongst other things.

Now that you have run an antivirus scan, the next thing I would do is run a quick scan with Malwarebytes to help ensure that the system is clean.

After that, run the Unhide utility.  It was written by a Microsoft MVP and is designed to reset the "hidden" flag on all of your standard files/folders back to normal, while letting the operating system files remain hidden:

Unhide.exe - Download

Unhide.exe - Tutorial

Finally, follow the instructions on this page and utilize the link found on the subsequent list to restore the default EXE and LNK file associations:

Windows 7 Default File Type Associations - Restore
Kelvin4Author Commented:
Many thanks for critical, rapid and effective advice.

Three files were found by Malwarebytes and deleted:
Hijack.Exefile (registry values); Hijacked.exefile; Hijack.startme (registry data items).

PC function returned to normal as soon it was re-started.

Very grateful!
Glad to help!
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