How can I fine tune the performance of the Apache Server?

Have read the IBM RedBook.  Have many customers using our web based applications which are CGI-scripts that execute POST and GET.    Our applications run on all OS versions 5.4 - 7.1.

When we first configured customers a few years ago, we merely used the recommended defaults.  Over time, more and more users are added.

What is the key to get the best performance?  Is there such a thing?  When performing WRKACTJOB, most of the time we see TIMW, then RUN, the TIMW .... but lately we are seeing LCKW on one of our customers' machines.

Is there such a thing of the Apachedft Server becoming overloaded?  The machine has plenty of memory.

I would prefer making changes to the server config file so long as I knew why the change was being made.  Like most RedBooks, what I read was a riddle.  (They used to be great until the merger with the P series division.
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
You might want to click on "Request Attention" and get some others zones added to your question that include the IBM machines and OSs.

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dcs911Author Commented:
Just did what you suggested.  As I was posting my question, I felt the zone areas are not complete enough and that is why my question appeared where ti did.  EE needs to enhance the zones, which will not only speed up things for people looking for answers, but it also will speed up things for the EE techs
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I'm hoping the Mods will re-open your question since what I posted is not an answer to the question.  The question zones are an ongoing discussion and are frequently adjusted to get the most response.   My suggestion to add zones is because most people using Apache are on Windows and Linux and their answers might not be as useful to you as someone who runs your machine and OS.
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