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I have three 30-second videos saved in WMV format that I want to embed in a PowerPoint file.  I am able to embed them so they work.  The problem is that each video is 6MB in size.  PowerPoint must somehow shrink the video, but even so my PP file ends up being 11 MB in size overall.  It is too big for me to email it to people (their email system rejects it due to its size).

I have played around with all kinds of options using iWisoft free video converter.  I have saved the videos in mpeg, flv, mov formats.  The WMV seems to work the best, but I need to make the overall files smaller.  The videos are not full screen, they are playing in a window that is roughly 3" x 5"

Any suggestions?
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Hello MrChip2,

You tried many solutions. But, I usually recommend a converting files by quality factor that is not a case in many freeware or shareware software, because these convertors works often with a video bitrate not with a quality.

So, I send you a link where you can download an command line convertor.
But, don't be afraid. There is no need to go to command line.
It is a way of convertor that use script for your WMV file and convert this file into Final.avi file.
You only need to put WMV file, ffmpeg.exe file and WMV9_Converter.bat file in the SAME folder.

Well, in this case you have to only enter a name of the WMV file and choose a quality factor.

Just double click a file WMV9_Converter.bat and enter a name of your file and press Enter.
Then you have to write a quality factor, let it be 30 for first try, and then press Enter.

And conversion is starting and will be finished for some seconds.

If the Final.avi file will be still a large then convert again, but use a higher value for a quality factor and it can be 36. The final AVI file will be smaller.

You can take for this value any integer value from 27 - 51. You have a choice and at the end you will get an very, very small file in MB:


Download link is:




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If you have any question you can freely ask me forexplanation.

I just wanted to post a caution about embedding video.

PPT 2003 cannot play embedded video.

PPT 2007 must have at least SP2 installed, or it won't be able to play the embedded video.

The only PPT Viewer that can play embedded video is the 2010 PPT Viewer.

If you don't know your recipients' environment, embedded video may not be a good thing.
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Thanks Echo_S,

But I have an comment - look above what MrChip2 said:

"I have three 30-second videos saved in WMV format that I want to embed in a PowerPoint file.
I am able to embed them so they work. "

Yes, I interpreted that as *they work on his machine.* I'm just adding a caveat that they may not work on someone else's machine.

My caution was for the author of the question and has nothing to do with what you posted.
MrChip2PresidentAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for your comments and suggestions.  Echo S you are correct, I have no way of knowing if they have a current or old version of PowerPoint.  I guess I could give them two version - one with and one without video.

Nrisimha, thanks for the tip.  I will try that out and let you know.  It may be a day or so until I post an answer.  Can you flag this thread so you are notified when I post?

Hello MrChip2,

Thanks also to you.

I have forgotten to say something about a BAT script. This script, in fact, can convert WMV file to AVI. But you can enter a name of files with formats FLV, MP4, MOV or MKV and you will get AVI file.

So, you can simply edit file WMV9_Converter.bat in Notepad and change a text:

echo.     Enter a name of your WMV file.

with this one:

echo.     Enter a name of your video file.

And save this correction. Now, you will have a script that converts video files in FLV, MP4, MOV or MKV format into AVI file.
Also, you can rname then WMV9_Converter.bat script into AVI_Converter.bat

And one notice - with this script and program I can convert video files with resolution 1024x768 into high quality files that has only 1,8 MB for 60 seconds of video length with audio with 128 kbps!!!

So, your WMV files with dimensions 3" x 5" and 6MB that have duration of 40 seconds are "huge" file from my perspective.
Just one thing to know what you got - this video convertor is not a usual convertor like the others shareware and freeware that works with video bitrate.
No, this script that I made, works with a quality of input video file to preserve high quality, but on the other side it convert input file into much, much smaller file.

Well, now you can use any quality factor from 27 - 51. This quality factor represents a compression of video file at lower bitrates, and for higher value of this factor you will get a smaller file in MB.
You can free experiment with your short videos and take a factor even to 30 or 36 or 45 or 50.
I believe that you can immediatelly use quality factor 45 for testing.
And you will see which value is good for your project. Because you can always delete Final.avi file and run this WMV9_Converter.bat again and enter some different quality value.

good luck


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