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I'm trying to connect a laptop computer to our wirless network. The regular wireless configuration tells me that another program is running the configuration but I cannont find anything but a Cisco VPN configuration. I turned on Wireless Zero Configuration and set the regular windows wireless program to run the card but it seems that when the computer was turned off then on again it went back to it's previous state.  I did the same thing as before, turned the WZC service back on and allowed advanced settings on the wireless setup and it's working again but in all likelyhood it will stop working upon restart.

Is there a startup scrip that is reverting back to the original config? How do I set this so that it won't do this.  
Also there is another local login that I have not tried.  The problmatic login is part of a domain.
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Obi WanConnect With a Mentor FixerUpperCommented:
Its likely you have another tool managing it. Try running the service applet, and see if there is anything in there relating to your wireless card manufacturer, If not try MSCONFIG and the startup tab, anything relating to your wireless in there, try unticking and rebooting to see if that resolve it

Good luck

Fred MarshallConnect With a Mentor PrincipalCommented:
You can remove the software that's taking over, or you can just go ahead and use it.
There's generally not a "regular" wireless configuration, just the common Windows wireless configuration which is what you start up with WZC.

First I'd try to use the other one whichever that is.
That said, I've had trouble with the Dell-provided one and had to investigate how to get rid of it.  I've not seen it many times though.  So, maybe it didn't survive the test of time.

Otherwise the software is likely tied to the wireless chip maker or some such thing.
Actually, you should be able to disable it without having to remove it but since you're having these problems I'd remove it.

If all else fails, send a screen shot of the installed programs.
Disable the VPN on the laptop and then connect to the wireless network. The problem is on the VPN that is using same network as your wireless network and this prevent you from the connection. Also you can disable the VPN from network adopter properties by unchecking it then reboot the computer. So you can disable the VPN client or change the wireless network for example to then you will be able to use the VPN while you are connected to the wireless.
paconnerAuthor Commented:
There was a Dell program running the wireless.  I deselected the radio button that said something about it running the wireless connection.  I was then able to restart WZC and use the Windows program.  For some reason the dell wireless program, the computer, and or the network did not play well together.
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