SSRS 2005 Count Function help

I'm working on a fairly basic report. It's going to count samples and calculate which ones are good based on whether they meet a target weight or not.


How to I incorporate a count formula into the select statement that will only count the samples that meet or exceed the target weight? So it will give me the total number of samples that were >= Target Weight

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There could be better ways, but one option is to use SUM instead of COUNT.  Something like this:

CASE WHEN ActualWeight >= TargetWeight THEN 1
END) AS Good_Count

 Obviously you'd need a GROUP BY to create your sum (or count).  The details would depend on your data, and how much detail you needed in the results.  For example, if there is more than one row for a sample, do you need each row, or do you just want one total row for each sample?


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FWIW, I suppose another option would be to just use the CASE, without the SUM, and then do a sum of that column in your report to get the count.

eseincAuthor Commented:
Thanks that works perfectly.
You're welcome.  Glad I could help.

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