Printing a Form from a web page

My problem is this, I have a form which visitors to the site should complete, then they should print the the form, sign it and snailmail it.

How can I force the page to postback as soon as the user selects file/print or file/preview in the browser? Is this even possible? if I cant do this than I cant verify
1. if the form has been completed or
2. if it has been completed correctly

Please note I want the form verified server side and not using client side code. Is the only solution to have a submit button after the page is completed? In that case can I prevent the page from being printed if submit button has not been pressed?

Anyone got a simple solution?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Once the form is in the viewer's browser, it is essentially out of your control.  I can print it anytime I want, I can do a screen capture or save to a file.

What I would do is POST the form to my server page, validate it, and then display a version of the information that is Not formatted the same as the form and let them print that.  That would let you distinguish forms that weren't validated from those that were.  If it doesn't validate, then just put up the form again.

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Paulmc999Author Commented:
So you are thinking the same as me I need a type of Submit button.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
That's what I would do.  I would not leave it at a form that can be easily altered or filled out offline if there is money or something like a membership involved.
Paulmc999Author Commented:
Sorry about delay, i was away
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