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We recently created a new DHCP scope on our 2008 Domain Controller. We notice the reverse DNS zone was not automatically created in DNS. This has been in place for about 2 months without a reverse DNS zone. How can we go about adding one without causing any issues? WIll simply adding the reverse zone now be fine and not affect the current IP's assigned to this subnet?
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copyrightedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will not have any issues adding a reverse DNS zone now.  Forward and reverse dns zones will not mess with each other, unless you have DHCP updating both with updated information.
Mohamed KhairyEnterprise Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Simply add a reverse zone and set it to allow dynamic updates, and configure the clients to register in dns and they will register their own PTR records and in your case the dhcp server can register for any client that doesn't support dynamic dns..
Go ahead and add the reverse zone, it will not affect  your current set up. Be sure to set the zone to allow dynamic updates.
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