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Hi there, our server has died recently and subsequently I have 4 windows 7 pcs that i now cannot login to..... I try the normal passwords but it doesnt like it... so i was wondeing if there is a way that I can just reset the passwords... I have no password resetter software and nothing up my sleeve to use....  I used to use a program a while ago that I burnt the software onto a disc and upon boot the program would run and would ask me to reset windows passwords, is there something similar I can use....?

Yours desperately!!!
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A good one is Active Password changer.

There are a lot of bootable utility CD's that contain software such as this.  

You could also try logging in as the domain administrator user (if you were joined to a domain).
If you are trying to reset a Windows 7 password, download the freeware ISO file from here:

Petter Nordahl-Hagen's Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

After you have burned that ISO to disc, boot up into the Linux environment and reset your password.  I have been using this utility to help people with their forgotten Windows passwords for over ten years, and unless the hard drive has actually been encrypted it has worked every time! Here is a comprehensive tutorial on how to utilize it:

There are two important steps within that tutorial that warrant extra attention:

- When you reach the User Edit Menu stage of the process it's best to select "1" to Clear (blank) user password.  You can always change the password to something more secure after you successfully log into Windows with the blank password.

- When you reach Step FOUR: Writing back changes, you will be queried with About to write file(s) back! Do it? [n].  If you inadvertently pressed Enter on this screen the changes won’t go into effect.  You need to specifically type "y" first for the updates to be written to the operating system.
philipgeckoAuthor Commented:
thats great, i will have a go now :)
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I use Kon Boot.

It bypasses the logon password for windows AND Linux systems.
philipgeckoAuthor Commented:
I have done this, cleared the password but when itry and log on it now says :

Logon failure:account currently disabled.
If you take a closer look at the tutorial and the menus within the tool itself, it also affords you the opportunity to enable an account.
philipgeckoAuthor Commented:
ahh right.. will have a read :) thx
philipgeckoAuthor Commented:
unfortunately for me I cant see the area that details the enabling of an account.. sorry.. its 4am over here and my eyes are getting sore!!!
philipgeckoAuthor Commented:
ahh i can see it now!!!
philipgeckoAuthor Commented:
YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good!  And for the benefit of our audience, it's available when you reach this screen:

 Enable Account

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philipgeckoAuthor Commented:
absolute life saver.. thank you!
Glad to help!
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