How to resolve the SQL db can't connect to SharePoint site?

Stiebel Eltron
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Dear EE experts,

Please see the attached screenshot for the error result that we got when we tried to login to our SQL SMS.
We even couldn't open our SharePoint site anymore, it says here: "Cannot connect to the configuration database."
2 weeks ago, everything's fine, we can connect to our SP site, access SQL SMS, then just yesterday, we don't know what went wrong why we couldn't access our SQL SMS anymore that affects our SP site...

Kindly advise what would be the problem & how to resolve it...

Thank you!
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1. Check if the protocols are enabled or not.
2. Check whether the servername you are providing is correct or not. It may be a named instance. You can find it from the below location:-
     Click on Start> Programs > MS SQL ..2008 > Configuration Tools > SQL Server C.. Manager > SQL Services and the instance is SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)
3. Check if the service is running or not.


Out of the query question:
Is it possible if we're using SQL Server 2008 R2 & we'll put license of SQL Server 2010? Will it work?

No idea on that part. But ideally it should not because every product has its own key and you can upgrade one but using a new key for the old product seems illogical I guess.



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