Python convert Windows CRLF to Mac CR ( line feeds)

Hi there

Does anyone know how to write a Python script that will convert all occurrences of a Windows carriage return/line feed in a document to Mac carriage returns?

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!

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If by "document" you mean "text file", this should do it.

Merry Christmas to you too!

import sys
while line:

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James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
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butterhookAuthor Commented:
I'd like to accept the answer, but can't seem to do so... any ideas?
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However, if you convert the text file from Windows on your Mac, it is probably better to open it as a text file using the universal line ending convertsion and then to write it back to another text file open for writing.

Another approach is to read whole content in binary mode, delete all \n characters, and write it back.
You can try the following scripts.  The first is to be run on the Mac target system to convert whatever line endings to the Mac ones.  (It can be run also on Windows to convert the line endings to the Windows ones, or on Unix to convert them to Unix ones.
import shutil

def convertLineEndings(fname):
    fnamebak = fname + '.bak'
    shutil.copy2(fname, fnamebak)  # just to be safe a bit
    # Open for reading in text mode with universal line endings.  Read 
    # the content of the whole file.  This is fine if the file is not
    # extremely big.  Then close the file.
    f = open(fname, 'Ur')  
    content =
    # Open the same file again, now for writing.  The line endings were
    # already converted during reading the content.  Just write it back.
    f = open(fname, 'w')
if __name__ == '__main__':

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The following script can be run on whatever OS to convert the file line endings to the Mac ones (i.e. the CR only).
def convertLineEndingsForMac(fname):
    fnameresult = 'forMac' + fname
    # Open for reading in binary mode.  Read the content of the whole file.
    f = open(fname, 'rb')  
    content =
    # Open the target file for writing in binary. Find, if there are some CR's.
    # If yes, remove all the LF's from the content.  Otherwise, replace the
    # LF's by CR's.  (Otherwise, you would loose line endings that were
    # formed only by LF's.) Write the modified content to the file.
    # (After testing, modify the code so that it writes it back to the same file.)
    f = open(fnameresult, 'wb')
    if content.find('\r') >= 0:
        f.write(content.replace('\n', ''))
        f.write(content.replace('\n', '\r'))
if __name__ == '__main__':

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butterhookAuthor Commented:
Thanks pepr for your answer, didn't see it when I accepted the answer!!
No problem ;)
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