How to change my tab key behavior in MS Word when working on an outline

Can someone tell me how to change the behavior of my "Tab" key in MS Word when I am working on an outline?

Normally, when I hit "Tab", I want the outline to automatically indent to the next sub-level in the outline.

For example, if I have the following :

1. Animals
2. Plants
3. ...

If my cursor is at "3." and I hit "Tab", I want it to change the 3 to "A", meaning we are now working on sub-point 2.A.

This behavior seems to be the default for MS Word, but somehow something changed in my settings and now when I hit tab it just inserts a tab character.
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This depends on which Office version you are using but basically in Word you have different choices when it come to "Listing views" - Bullets, Numbering and Multilevel listing (i.e.. number and/or letters)
When you begin your list make sure you choose Multilevel List as in this setting you can have the setup you described
The tab key behaviour does differ between environments, so there is something that must be set to flag the appropriate action in the current situation. This setting is not published and is not intended to be user-accessible, but is probably contained in the places that are modified in this troubleshooting article:

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jbaird123Author Commented:

Please note:  choosing multilevel listing does not help.  I am having this problem when my list is "Multi-Level Listing".

I am running Word 2007 on Windows 7.  I have two computers with the same OS and same version of Word.  On one computer, if I create a new Word document and then start a Mulit-Level List, the tab key works as I want - tabbing will automatically take you to the next level.  On the "bad" computer, performing the exact same set of steps will result in a "tab" character being inserted rather than a new level.

The problem is that my "bad" computer did not always behave this way.  The tab key used to work as I want but then one day something changed and it no longer works the way I want it to.

This is not a case of my Tab key being designed to work differently in different environments. It is a problem with my tab key working differently in the same environment on different computers (or even in the same environment on the same computer but at different times).
jbaird123Author Commented:
GrahamSkan:  I tried deleting the keys mentioned in your article, and it worked!  Thanks.
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