Exchange security certificate pop up continually on client laptops

here is what happened.
yesterday I noticed on the event logs, that my OWA server was throwing errors that it couldnt update its Host (A) Resource Record (RR) on my DNS servers..
so i went to the DNS servers (2 of them) and found the A records of the OWA server.. I had to add the Local Computer account of the OWA server and give it full control, in the security section..
then i ran an ipconfig /registerdns command on the OWA server..
this seemed to fix the DNSAPI error, but now we continually get pop ups in outlook about the security certificate from the OWA server.. We go through the steps of installing the cert.. I accept the defaults and let the cert store choose where to install it. and it imports fine.
but the pop up for the cert keeps coming back, and it has to keep being re installed..
does that make sense?
any ideas? this is causing a big headache here for me today.
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CG_HDConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I think we have the issue resolved, I spent almost 6 hours on the phone with Micro Soft on friday. we did a lot of things, but in a basic nutshell, we had to create a new DNS zone for the internal exchange server, and then we had to change some of the bindings in IIS on the exchange server, and have them reference the correct cert. so for now the issue seems to be resolved. thanks everyone for your advise!!
Benjamin MOREAUProject ManagerCommented:
When you connect to you OWA website, have you an error on your certificate ?

If Yes, you have to fix your error.

Check :

- end date of the certificate
- the "other names" of the certificate. You must have all local name of your server and the published name (dns).
- that all your client have the root CA certificate installed
CG_HDAuthor Commented:
ok, ill see if i can verify that info.. do you have a link or something that can help me step by step to get that info? im not too well versed in certificates, or how to work with/ troubleshoot them.
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CG_HDAuthor Commented:
also why do you think that fixing that DNS issue could have caused this?
CG_HDAuthor Commented:
was fixed by MS
CG_HDAuthor Commented:
thanks to everyone for your input.
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