Report with unlinked subreports has duplicate parameter selection

I have a main report and three unlinked sub-reports, all appearing on a single page. Each of the four reports should have the same parameter selection, which are for fiscal year and for combination Fiscal Year and Period (1 to 13 per year).  When I run the report, the dialog box for parameters ('Enter Values') shows the two selections I want, with the source at top right (which are [0P_FYEAR] and [UOSVPER].  After adding the sub-reports, now I get an additional selection of parameters for the year and year-period. For the year it shows the source as [0P_FYEAR](name of first sub-report)/[0P_FYEAR](name of 2nd sub-report/[0P_FYEAR]/(name 3rd sub-rpt). It is similar for the year-period selection.  Thus I have four parameters to select when I only want two.  How can I get rid of the extra parameter selection in the dialog box?
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You can link the main to the sub using the parameter fields in each report.
dwabbottAuthor Commented:
That would make the sub-reports linked rather than unlinked, wouldn't it?  Would I have to return to where I insert a sub-report and start over, specifying linked?
I am not sure what do you mean by linked subreport. You will link the parameter(s) of the subreport to the parameter(s) of the report so the values from the report's parameters will be send to the subreport. The subreport will be not related to the data in the report.
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dwabbottAuthor Commented:
I tried the linking as you suggest but no change.  On the design view of the main report, I right-clicked on each sub-report, went to Change Subreport Links, and inserted the two parameters to Fields to link to.  There are two further choices to make:  Subreport parameter field to use and Select data in subreport based on field:
What should I be doing here, if I am in the right place?
Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
I don't really understand the problem.  If you want to share parameters between a main report and subreports then you need to link them.  That's how you get around having to enter the same parameter values multiple times. If you're concerned about there not being correlated data between the various subreports don't.  You aren't required to link the subreports on an actual data field.  You can simply link them on a parameter and make sure the parameter ties to a data field in the subreport.  
Yes, that makes the subreports linked because they are sharing some information with the main report in this case the parameters.

No, you don't have to start over.

Right click the subreport
Choose the parameter from the main report
Choose the report parameter from the subreport.
   When you link Crystal adds a parameter and it is name ?pm_FIeldName, don't use that one use the one you added to the subreport.
Leave the filter data in subreport box unchecked.  You already have the filtering added in the select expert.


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dwabbottAuthor Commented:
Success!  After a few false starts, I now have only the two parameters showing.  Excellent!  Now the hard part, the points, but here goes:
  mlmcc 250 for the most details that I needed;  robert 100 for the first correct solution, vasto and rhinok 75 for also having the correct solution.  Thanks to you all for your help!
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