vba to move item from junk folder to another folder

I wrote some vba code to check the  Junk mail folder and move specific messages to a different folder.

The code is trivial, but after an hour of trying, it still does not work.

I thought this would be easy but, as usual, it is not.  Outlook 2003 running under windows 7 pro.

The move statement gives this error message

run-time error '-1352531965 (af620003)
Method 'Move' of object 'MailItem' failed

Every time I try it a different error number is returned, but the last 5 hex digits are unchanged.

-1698562045 9ac20003
-1005453309 c4120003
-694026237  dfa20003
-1387134973 ad520003

Option Explicit
Public Sub testJunkMove()

' search junk folder for a specific message and moves it to selected folder.

Dim myFolder As Outlook.MAPIFolder
Dim tgtfolder As Object

Dim i As Long
Dim myolapp As Object, myNameSpace As Object

Set tgtfolder = ActiveExplorer.Selection.Parent
Debug.Print tgtfolder.Caption

Set myolapp = Application
Set myNameSpace = myolapp.GetNamespace("MAPI")
Set myFolder = myNameSpace.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderJunk)
Dim all2012Subjects As String

    For i = myFolder.Items.Count To 1 Step -1
        Dim item As Object
        Set item = myFolder.Items(i)
        If item.Subject Like "*test*" Then
            MsgBox item.Sent & " " & item.EntryID & " " & item.Subject
            item.Move tgtfolder
        End If
End Sub

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If this was a one time event I would just search for it.  Or if it was reoccuring I'd just create a rule in outlook to make the move.  

However if your set on using VBA here is how I would do it:

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rberkeConsultantAuthor Commented:
I just gave myself a dope smack to the forehead  !!!

tgtFolder was being set to an Explorer object, when I wanted it to be a MAPIFolder.

Fix#1:      dim tgtFolder As Outlook.MAPIFolder

Fix#2:    Set tgtfolder = ActiveExplorer.Selection.Parent.CurrentFolder

Your reply came after I figured it out, but I am going to give you the points anyhow.  Thanks for your effort.
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