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Hi, I use Windows XP and am having a BIG problem trying to simply type in a string of 17 zip codes separated by a comma. I have tried merging the cells, formatting the cells for zip codes, for text, and for general.  I've even tried typing the numbers on Microsoft Word and used copy and paste, used Special Paste and sometimes I see all 17 sip codes on the worksheet but the minute I hit return I get a bunch of #######  and the description above shows this;

I really need to get this done, can someone please help. Thanks
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Scott CraigWebmasterCommented:
You want to first format the cell as text.  Type in the string of numbers and hit enter.  You should now see that it doesn't say the above things.  If that doesn't work, type in the zip codes, but in front of the entire string type a single quote (') and you should be good to go.

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If text is OK, you could just type:

All numbers are stored internally by Excel as 15 digit floating-point numbers. If you want more than 15 digits you have to use Text rather than numbers, and so you will not be able to do arithmetic calculations with the number. You can make Excel store the number as text by putting an ' before it, or by formatting the cell as Text.
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camtzAuthor Commented:
sgroppenbecker: - WOW !!!!!! - DONE.  I first tried to use the = sign and got a message that it did not like the commas.  I then used your suggestion (') and it accepted it.  Could you please tell me what this sign represents.  I've never used it.  Also, when I went back to click on the cell I had been using, I noticed something I've never seen before.  Up on the top left it said OLE_LINKI and even though I tried to unformat it, it still shows up that way so I used a different cell and it worked just fine.  Thanks much for your help.

The ' is an apostrophe sign used to indicate the value in cell is a text value and should not be interpreted as number value. make sure you are aware that you cannot use the value of these cell for any mathematical calculation.
camtzAuthor Commented:
Many thanks
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