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are any active directory videos on the net that shows a great way to setup active directory from the ground up hard core detail videos for server 2003 or 2008 any excellent sites you tech guys may know off or a place i can download the vids. thx

also exchange vids and if there are any out there besides cbt and trainsignal.
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thats all.
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Active Directory and Exchange has a TON of features.  Basic setup videos are all over youtube, I'm sure (I recently used one for Exchange and AD is more common).  Beyond that, you need to decide what, exactly, you're looking for... setup up group policy?  What policies to implement?  Setting up OUs?  Creating user accounts?  etc.   Really, the best way to learn it, in my opinion, is to do it... and make use of this site - download some server trials, set them up, and then as you come up with questions, ask.  Make it easier on yourself and come up with scenarios... for example:

You're asked to setup a server for an insurance office of 100 people (I wouldn't go lower than 100 people in any scenario UNLESS you want people (myself included) to be asking why you're not using SBS).  Also, don't go insanely large like 100,000 people without clearly saying this is an exercise or we'll be asking you what the heck you're doing working there if you're asking that question.

Finally, when asking learning questions (assuming you do), it's best to explain why YOU think something should work this way - show us you've thought about your options and allow us to clarify real-world and practical solutions and misunderstandings you may have.  Simply asking us how to do something won't help you UNDERSTAND the topic, it will just give you an answer - if we respond at all - and if you understand it, you'll be better at working with it and deciding for yourself what is a good solution and what isn't.
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Not that I know of...the reason I say that is because you mentioned the words "hard core detail"  you can search youtube and other sites and there are vids but not what I'd call hard core.

I generally like the stuff put out by train signal although it can be pricy.


There are loads of video on youtube that can give you step by step installation process.

Or if you wish you can try for load of tips and tricks how to plan for settingup your domain.


its something to look into but thanks well appreciated.

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