Moving Data between Mac and Windows/XP

I have to move a lot of data (about 500MB each time) between an Apple Mac running the latest software (OS/X Lion) over to a Windows XP machine. (Must be XP)
Instead of using "slow" USB, is there a way to "direct connect" them? They both have Ethernet (and USB 2.0). The PC does not have FireWire though.    
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Jimmy Larsson, CISSP, CEHConnect With a Mentor Network and Security consultantCommented:
Connect both computers to the same switch.

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Jimmy Larsson, CISSP, CEHNetwork and Security consultantCommented:
Lion has a built-in ftp-server. Enable it (google is your friend) and use any ftp-client from your xp-computer to transfer the files.

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bleggeeAuthor Commented:
Thx - And direct-connect them via Ethernet-to-Ethernet ? Or are you talking about both computers on  LAN? I have LAN's & Internet & FTP ... my question is more along the lines of which way to connect the 2 computers for best data transfer rate
> - And direct-connect them via Ethernet-to-Ethernet ?

That should work, although a connection via a network switch, even a simple 5-port unmanaged one, is more reliable and faster; as far I've used this type of set up. Just make sure the TCP/IP configuration of both machines is correct.

You can also enable Lion's built in file server for copying the files, it supports Windows clients. If you need step-by-step explanation on how to do that, please let me know.
jader31Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You're williing to transfer a VERY SMALL amount of data. For today's standards 500MB it's so little data.
In my humble opinion you should use one of these option (the latter the better):
1) use a pendrive/thumbdrive IF THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO BE CONNECTED by wires easily
2) use a Wireless connection IF THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO BE CONNECTED by wires easily
3) connect them using a swith (100MB/FastEthernet) if possible
4) connect them using a modern switch (1GB) if available. Note most of modern Wifi Access Point have 4 1GB LAN ports.
5) coneect them using a cross over ethernet LAN cable.

if you're using any option after 3, you'll must to choose protocol to communicate from:

The protocol above get better (in effiicency!)  from SAMBA to RSYNC... but for usability is otherwise.
So to copy just 500MB, use SAMBA / SMB.
Create a share in MAC (or PC) and access using other one.
A modern Wifi AccessPoint w/Gigabit ports (choose the Cisco/Linksys ones!) will cost you US$100-150... it's well spent money. I have 2 of them. ;)
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