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I have been admining Windows networking for a while now but I was thinking today. I really cannot explain very when what services or functinos each of the following services do..

"Client for Microsoft Networks" & " File and Printer Sharing"

What happened if I uncheck both of these what functinos or services stop working?  Is Netbios tied to client for microsoft networks or Files and printer sharing..

What features are added by the client for microsoft network..

I'm looked for vert detailed information

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Client for Microsoft Networks
The Client for Microsoft Networks component allows a computer to access resources on a Microsoft network. This component is installed and enabled by default for all VPN connections. However, this component needs to be enabled for PPPoE connections.

File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks
The File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks component allows other computers on a network to access resources on your computer by using a Microsoft network.

Source: Microsoft TechNet
The Client for Microsoft Networks component is actually the Workstation service. If you remove this service, the Netlogon and RPC Locator services are also removed. You cannot log on over the network, and any operation that involves Active Directory causes the following error message:
Naming information cannot be located because: The workstation driver is not installed.

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