Benq G2420HDBL monitor shuts off after Windows7 start screen

I am assuming this is because of a windows update, but have no idea how to resolve it.  New PC works with philips monitor no problem, 2 functional Benq monitors, (both tested on another PC) working fine...on other machines.

But on this machines is just shuts down after windows screen.  Also had another client call me with same problem... he says his monitor (BENQ 23") starts but then stops after windows logo screen.

PC is ...
Processor       AMD A6-3650 APU 2.6GHz
Motherboard       Asus F1A75-M PRO Motherboard
Graphics       Integrated AMD Radeon HD 6530
Memory       2x4GB DDR3 Memory at 1333MHz
Hard Drive       500GB
Optical Drive       22x DVD+/-RW
Chassis       Velocity IW-Z583 Mini Tower
Power Supply       Powerman 400W Power Supply
Operating System       Windows 7 Professional 64bit

The one my client is using is a windows XP older machine and was working fine for 2 months.

So I have tried 2 monitors on this PC, one 23" Benq and the one listed in title.  I have downloaded and installed latest ATI drivers, didnt help.

Anyone know what would cause this?
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It is a driver issue most certainly.

Can you replicate this problem in safe mode?  

I will look up the driver for you as well, but I would try to uninstall the driver in safe mode and :
1. either let MS find the driver for you and install what it has or a generic one
2. try the updated driver from the MFG website (which I'll look for a link for you)

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The Monitor must use a native driver from your Windows OS as there is nothing listed on their site for download except a manual:
(I'll look again).

What type of power source is your monitor plugged into?  Is it into a wall socket?  UPS?  Or surge protector?   Is this the same or different source as your Tower?
Another thought,

After seeing if your problem continues in safe mode or not, you may also wish to adjust the frequency of your monitor.

Check your resolution.  Perhaps you have the resolution of your GC set to a level that your LCD cannot support.  Try a basic 1024x800 or such to see where your limits are.  (I'll go look at those specs in a moment as well).

Last, the cable.  Perhaps a pin has bent and is not making proper contact?  I'd recommend checking the three aboev physical aspects as well as driver and power.
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Screen Size
24.0"W (LED backlight)
Aspect Ratio
Resolution (max.)

Input Connector
D-sub / DVI-D
Power Supply (90~264 AC)
Power Consumption (On mode)
34W (max)


Integrated AMD Radeon™ HD 6000 Series Graphics in Llano APU
Multi-VGA output support : HDMI/DVI/RGB ports *1
 - Supports HDMI with max. resolution 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz
 - Supports DVI with max. resolution 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
 - Supports RGB with max. resolution 1920 x 1600 @ 60 Hz
Dual independent displays support with HDMI/DVI and D-Sub
AMD® Dual Graphics technology support *2
Supports DirectX 11

So, 60Hz and 1920x1200 (DVI) or 60Hz 1900x1600 (RGB)

Check that your GC is set to use what your monitor can support.  If you are using DVI, you may have your settings (resolution) set to high, drop it down a little)...though in safemode you'll natively be using a lesser resoltuion and therefore I expect  you'll have no issue with the monitor powering off.
savethehumansAuthor Commented:
Its not the cable or the 15pin VGA, I have tried 2 Benqs, and the philips all with their own cablesand changes them around and visually inspected them all..  The Benqs work in safe mode.  The philips monitor works fine as well.

I will try and see what the default resolution is for the monitor and make sure the PC is set to that.  I uninstalled the driver in the device manager but maybe didnt delete the drivers, so it would have installed the same device drive.

I will also try a DVI and get back to you.

I appreciate the assistance.

Note, it may not be the cable, but could be a damaged pin inside the card.

So switching from a d-cable to dvi could be useful.  Not the downsize in resolution, but your GC supports note resolution than your monitor does.  So drop it down a little and test.

Having it work in safe mode is a good sign
Try booting into safe mode and remove the video drivers.  It sounds like you got into a configuration that the monitors cannot support, so this should set it back up in a default configuration.  You can install the video card drivers after this.

How are you progressing with you cables or the the other recommendations offered?  Is there anything additional I may clear up or assist you with?
savethehumansAuthor Commented:
Generic VGA drivers work, ati ones, installed and good.

It's a work terminal so generic is fine.
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